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one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery done world wide. Central part of face including forehead , nose and peri oral area ( lips and adjacent area) gives our face a unique feature. Nose, Being the most projected part of face is noticed first when one sees our face. Various Rhinoplasty criteria have been defined for aesthetically pleasing nose but all these cant be used on every case. Each and every race (Indian, Caucasian, Negroes, Asians Orientals) have different characteristic and any Rhinoplasty Nose surgery should be planned considering the characteristic of that race. We have multiple races with minor to major variation in facial features in our country , means we have almost every type of face and so every type of nose here. Your Rhinoplasty surgeon should be able to design and tailor surgery individually for your best.
Common complaints by patient & Concerned Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) or Nose Job / Nose

Reshaping Surgery Procedures :-

Broad Nose Rhinoplasty :- Osteotomy & Narrowing of Nose with Tipplasty.
Hump Nose or Bumpy Nose Surgery :- ( Hump) Reduction Rhinoplasty or Nose Job with roof closure
Long Nose Rhinoplasty with Drooping tip :- Tip-plasty with or without Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) or Reduction Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
Lateral Deviation of Nose or Crooked nose - Septo-Rhinoplasty :- Straightening of Nose or Corrective Rhinoplasty (Nose job Surgery)
Low Dorsum or Bridge of Nose -Dorsum Augmentation Rhinoplasty :- Augmentation Rhinoplasty or Nose Job with or without tip plasty
Big or Bulky Nose:- Reduction Rhinoplasty with tip plasty.
Short Nose with upturned tip and visible nostrils - Short Nose Lengthening see Augmentation Rhinoplasty below.
Commonly, combination of various Rhinoplasty or nose job procedures is needed to provide a cosmetically or beautiful nose in every Rhinoplasty or nose job. In general, a narrow nose with optimal projection beyond face, straight dorsum (with slightly elevated tip in females), nose lip angle 105 degrees with tear drop shaped nostril is considered good.

Overall , changes done during surgery are demand based, means what patient feels abnormal.
Congenital and post traumatic deformities :- Rhinoplasty or nose job in such situations are designed according to the deformities or nose and other associated deformities.
Breathing Problems Deviated Nose Septum & Septoplasty

Nose is an organ of breathing first, cosmetic next. Correction is done to improve both look and function. Any cosmetic correction is never done at the cost of function anywhere in body. Nose works as humidifier and warmer for the air we breath. Septum, the middle wall of nose which divides it in two passages, is partly bony and partly cartilaginous.

Deviated nasal septum or DNS is a very common occurrence in general population and often considered reason of obstruction in breathing, which is not always true.
Nose is having two valve areas, external and internal, breathing difficulty occurs usually due to narrow valve area rather than deviation of septum, unless the later is very severe. Of course deviated nasal septum gives nose a deviated look from outside and correction restores its look and when associated with procedures to open the collapsed valves, improves both look as well as breathing. Most of our male population face breathing problem which is not due to deviated septum but external valve collapse, very common in India.


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